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The proliferation of data, new technologies, and the consumer appetite for all things digital are transforming the way retailers look to engage with their customers.  Our Digital Shopper Engagement Platform, RelationShop™, allows the retailer’s digital experience and promotional offering to evolve and keep up with the rapid pace of change in the market.  RelationShop can digitize your loyalty and promotions offering, enable e-commerce, deliver health and nutritional content, and push relevant offers to each shopper based on their purchase history and preferences, all in a seamless, intuitive user experience.

 Increase Relevancy
Deliver Convenience & Drive Sales

RelationShop is modular, customizable and fully integrated to accommodate today’s multi-platform users… desktop, iOS, Android and mobile web app.

RelationShopTM helps redefine your value proposition and extends you ability to connect with your customers in-store, online and on mobile. With RelationShop at the core, the Go Think! Retail customer engagement platform enables the retailer to engage their shoppers in a truly integrated, relevant and omni-channel fashion. From highly personalized email to targeted content on your mobile app, Go Think! Retail helps retailers go to market and engage their shoppers, as never before.

The RelationShop Digital Platform

RelationShop serves as the digital hub for all shopper engagement activities.  It allows retailers to connect to their customers through multiple digital touch points, leveraging our Relevant℠ eMarketing system and recommendation engine to deliver personalized content, messages and offers.

RelationShop was designed with flexibility in mind from the first line of code to the last.  It offers a robust set of fully integrated shopper tools for your customers to access on desktop, tablet or mobile. But what really sets RelationShop apart is the ability to seamlessly integrate with the retailer’s promotions, POS and loyalty systems, as well as other third party applications and providers.  RelationShop allows retailers to better manage, personalize and deliver a holistic digital experience, while making it easier and more attractive for the customers to shop, save and engage with your brand.

Features Include:

Relevant eMarketing

Content, items and offers can be presented uniquely and relevantly to each shopper in email, online or on their mobile device. Introduce a new item relevant to one shopper, while cross-selling an affinity category to another.  Serve up a quick and easy meal deal to moms on the go, or drive trial with an offer to someone who’s never shopped in Health & Beauty — but others “like” her do.  With our Relevant eMarketing system and our Recommendation engine, you can make every communication personal—and drive incremental activity, additional sales and long-term loyalty.

Shoppers today not only appreciate, but expect communications and offers to be tailored to their needs.  Our Relevant eMarketing platform allows retailers to develop, schedule, personalize and automate a variety of “Push” marketing communications — everything from highly personalized emails to mobile push notifications and SMS/text messages.  Now, integrated with our Enliten360 analytics system, you can move from analysis to list generation in just a few clicks.

Our Recommendation engine allows each shopper to receive unique messaging and personalized offers based on their individual shopping behavior.

Fully Integrated Solution

Providing the best possible solution for our clients sometimes means integrating with other providers, technology and applications. We are proud to work with many leading companies and integrate their best in class applications into Go Think! Retail’s customer engagement platform.