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We are experts in the integration and analysis of individual-level data. We help retailers turn shopper data into accessible, actionable customer insights that power our shopper engagement solutions. We translate analytics and intelligence into strategies and executions that drive real results – with every click, swipe, and scan.

Although data is at our core, it's the insights that really matter. ᅠWe understand that to truly realize the power of data, it must be accessible and actionable. ᅠIn fact, we've built our analytics offering around making it easy for the retailer to quickly get to the key insights they need to drive their business and personally engage with their shoppers.

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We have been helping retailers maximize store performance, understand their markets, localize their offering and personalize their customer engagements for over 20 years.  Now, through our partnership with Manthan, we are making analytics and insights more accessible and actionable than ever before. Because at the end of the day, all of your data and insights are only as good as your ability to act on them.

Segmentation Analytics

Multi-dimensional profiling and segmentation to truly understand your customers

Predictive Modeling

Ensure that you are delivering the right offers to the right customers at the right time

Primary Market Area Analysis

Identify customers, competitors, and highest value shoppers to maximize performance of each location

Business & Customer Intelligence

Quantitative and qualitative studies provide measurable insights into customer perceptions, attitudes and actions


We’ve partnered with Manthan, a worldwide analytics leader, to deliver a powerful new approach to retail analytics. We call it actionable analytics, and our Enliten360℠ platform allows you to quickly and easily access the corporate, customer and promotional reporting and metrics you need, when you need it.  Enliten360 Powered by Manthan delivers over 150 pre-built reports and customizable dashboard views. More than a BI tool, Enliten provides a 360 degree view of each shopper, descriptive and predictive analytical models and the ability to easily move from analytics to targeted lists and personalized engagement in a few clicks.

ᅠEnliten360 Powered byᅠManthanᅠdelivers over 150
pre-built reports & customizable dashboard views.

Fully integrated with our Recommendation Engine and Relevant eMarketing platform, Enliten360 integrates BI and analytics with CRM, personalized recommendations and an eMarketing delivery engine all rolled into one seamless workflow.  You can select from a variety of pre-built, proven targeted programs and creative templates to jump-start your strategies and communications.  Or, create new programs, target selections, and activity-based triggers straight from the analysis.  Either way, Enliten360 will transform the way you engage your customers — driving incremental sales and growing your business.

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